« The Augmented Reality App for Wine & Spirits »

« The Augmented Reality App for Wine & Spirits »


SMARTBOTTLE is a startup of the Bordeaux WineTech. We have developed an Augmented Reality application dedicated to wines and spirits’ professionals. No need to change existing labels, the bottle is turned into a new media allowing producers to broadcast the digital content of their choice (Videos, Photos, tasting comments, medals and awards, etc).

With SMARTBOTTLE, change for a trully original communication !


Boost your communication


Build your brand image


Do not change anything on your labels

Our Offers

Starting from 50€ VAT excl. / month, your wine label becomes a screen.


First year: 2000€ VAT excl.

Subscription 50€ / month VAT excl. (2nd year)

Impress your consumers by offering them the possibility to put a face on a know-how thanks to an immersive video.


First year: 1500€ VAT excl.

Subscription 50€ / month VAT excl. (2nd year)

Display on the label a video of your choice with useful information in the form of static or dynamic pictograms.


First Year: 3500€ VAT excl.

Subscription 120€ / month VAT excl. (2nd year)

Display up to 5 different digital contents using Augmented Reality on your label.


Starting from 50€ / month VAT excl.

Broadcast your scores, medals and awards obtained for the wine. The information becomes fast and free which helps your customers decide to buy the wine.


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Display custom 3D animations to strengthen the impact of your message, depending on your wishes.

Our options

Redirect your customers to your website, your technical sheets, your social media and your selling points
Update your content once, to add more information or to match your events and wine fairs for example

Try for yourself!

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Create a direct link with the wine consumer and cause

intense emotions.
unique emotions.
positive emotions.
fascinating emotions.

They talk about us

« Application dédiée aux producteurs et distributeurs de vins et liquoreux, Smartbottle offre une expérience de réalité augmentée, à partir du simple scan de l'étiquette d'une bouteille.»

« Pierre Jeanne de SMARTBOTTLE a inventé une “appli” de réalité augmentée qui permet de transformer l’étiquette d’une bouteille de vin en un média animé (contrôlé par le producteur) en la scannant depuis un smartphone, disponible gratuitement en cinq langues sur les stores Apple et Android. »

« Réunir des start-up dans un lieu champêtre est une gageure en soi. Mais en réserver l’accès exclusif aux porteurs de projets innovants dans le domaine vitivinicole, l’initiative est parfaitement iné­dite. »

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31 rue du château d'eau

33000 Bordeaux, France

+33 5 54 53 00 51